Rufus Download 2.14 for Windows the way to Make Bootable USB


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Are you searching for a solution for save time while installing an operating system or are you searching for how to install an OS without disk installation media due to any circumstances otherwise do you want to flash BIOS or other firmware using DOS or is it a matter of running a low-level utility? We are going to illustrate the method to overcome all these problems completely. The method is outflanking these matters using Rufus 2.14 download for Windows. This is a utility program that helps becoming make bootable drives such as USB pen drive/key or memory stick and available for install as two in one from regular and the portable programs.

System Requirements for Rufus 2.14 Download

This application supports only Windows platform at this time. All the versions of Windows that came after Windows XP better compatible with this utility application. There is no any matter with the bit rate what you using on your system (32-bit or 64-bit).

Change Log – Rufus Download 2.14

  • Fixed inability to generate BIOS-bootable drives.
  • Shielded “GPT for UEFI” option as the default setting.
  • Fixed inability to restore minimized app.
  • Removed unwanted notification sound.
  • Restricted write sharing permissions.
  • Added compatibility with more than twenty-five global languages.

Features of Rufus 2.14 Download

  • This application is a freeware and it does not require any registration or monetary activities to Download Rufus 2.14 windows.
  • This application helps you to create or format bootable drives.
  • This is the fastest application that creates bootable drives.
  • Ability back makes bootable pen drives from ISO images, DD images, and Free DOS.
  • Can execute a low-level utility.
  • Ability to flash a BIOS or other firmware using DOS.

Download Rufus  and Creating Bootable Drives

  • Rufus 2.14 download from our official website. There are two types of applications available for installing as regular and portable. Choose one of them there is no any notable difference between both apps.
  • This application needs no any installation method and you can run the downloaded application directly.
  • Attach a USB flash drive that has enough space (8GB require).
  • Select “Partition Scheme and Target System Type” in order to your HDD. (GPT, MBR)
  • Select “File System” and the “Cluster Size” (Optional).
  • Select the image file type and the image.
  • Click on “Start” button.

Closure – Rufus Windows version

If you need to do install an operating system in few minutes or need to install an OS without disk installation media the best and the fastest way is Rufus 2.14 download and create a bootable drive. This method will save your time from the beginning because this 2.14 Windows version is the speediest bootable pen drive creator application in the modern world. So if you need to make a bootable drive we would like to encourage you to Rufus download 2.14 for Windows because this is small but the world’s best and the fastest bootable USB creator.

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