Rufus Download for Create and Format Bootable Flash Drives

Imagine that you have to install an operating system to latest bought computer and you have less time to devote on this installation or if you need to set up a computer with an OS that has no working CD/DVD drive then what should you do to beat these problems? Are you seeking solutions? The only solution is to use an USB drive to bowl over these problems but when trying to install an OS with an USB flash drive there is another matter arising as the drive must be in bootable condition. Rufus download 2.14 Windows app for a PC is to create or format bootable flash drives such as USB keys/pen drives or memory sticks. When recounting Rufus tool this is a small utility program that can create bootable drives in an easy few steps and this is the fastest ever application released public available for free of charge. Though there are many bootable flash drive creator application such as Universal Windows 7 USB download tool USB Installer, UNetbootin this is the best and the fastest application that creates bootable flash drives. That’s why are you need to attend with creating bootable flash drive we recommend you to use Rufus because this is the better ever application to make bootable drives.

System Requirements – Rufus Download 2.14 Windows

This tool is designed only for Windows platform at this moment. So you need to use a Windows computer to download Rufus 2.14 windows from our official website and run it as well. There is no matter with bit-rate of the operating system even though it 32-bit or 64-bit OS.

How to Download Rufus 2.14 Windows

You are able to download Rufus from our official website using a Windows based computer. There are two types of applications related with Rufus available download as regular and portable. Download Rufus 2.14 windows do not matter with both applications because both are act exactly in the same way while creating bootable Flash drives. That’s why choose one of them and get from your personal computer.

The way to create a bootable USB drive

  • Get the tool from our official website – using a Windows based computer.
  • Run the downloaded program and this will not require any installation process.
  • Attach the USB flash drive that has space more than 8GB.
  • The application will detect your device and will show its name under “Device” area.
  • Select “Partition scheme and target system type” according to new Hard Disk Drive. This setting includes “GPT and MBR” settings for “UEFI” option.
  • Choose optionally “File System” and the “Cluster Size”.
  • Then select needing image file type and the image file.

Rufus Download Open ISO

  • Use the above-mentioned icon to select the ISO file.
  • Click on “Start” button as the final step.


Considering features of download Rufus 2.14 windows from our official website this is a totally hazardous free certified website. Involving download Rufus 2.14 windows app from this website may not cause to virus effects or any other issues. That’s why you can get this tool from trusted and certified environment for free of charge. If it needs to create a bootable flash drive to install an operating system, Run a low-level utility or it needs to flash a BIOS or any other firmware we would like to encourage you to Rufus download 2.14 windows app because this is the best and fastest ever application that has bootable USB creating abilities.

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