Download Rufus 2.14 – Create Bootable Flash Drive

Rufus is the best bootable flash drive creator despite it is a small utility program. This is the fastest ever application to create bootable flash drives such as USB keys/ pen drives or memory sticks in an easy way. When speaks about the speed of this application Rufus is about twice faster than Windows 7 USB Download Tool, Universal USB Installer or UNetbootin USB creating tools. Significant of creating bootable USB drive is using this method you are able to setup an operating system to a personal computer without and disk media also this method is the fastest way to install an OS to a computer. That’s why if you need to install an OS in few minutes you have to choose bootable flash drive as your installation media. If you are searching for a proper, faster and the best application to create bootable USB flash drives in every sphere of internet you have chosen the proper way to overcome your matter.

Download Rufus 2.14 useful for these cases

  • Create USB installation media using ISO files.
  • Flash a BIOS or any other Firmware using DOS.
  • Run a low-level utility.

System requirements for Download Rufus 2.14

This application supports Windows platform at this moment and it has designed for all Windows versions that released after Windows XP. The Rufus has no matter with the bit rate of your Windows PC whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. The latest version is Rufus 2.14 and there are many of features come with this latest update.

Change Log

  • Fixed inability to create BIOS-bootable drives arose due to write sharing permissions.
  • Able to save “GPT for UEFI” option if some user changes it before select the ISO file.
  • Added support for more than twenty-five languages that most use in the world including English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Italian, French and etc.
  • Fixed inability to restore the minimized application when pop-up displayed.
  • Removed unwanted notification sound played while closing the app with the close button.
  • Added restrictions of Write Sharing Permissions while access a device.

Usage Notes

  • This application allows creating bootable flash drives using ISO, DD and also Free DOS.
  • If you trying to create a DOS bootable drive with using a non-US keyboard the application will select a keyboard layout according to the locale of the system because this tool supports more keyboard layouts.
  • Rufus tool supports both UEFI and GPT modes and you are able to select one in order to your HDD’s partition scheme.

Download Rufus 2.14 and How to Use

  • You can download Rufus 2.14 from our official website and there are two types of this tool available download there as regular and portable. Download one of them no matter what you choose because both of them follow exactly same way while process.
  • Open the downloaded program and this will not attempt to admit with the installation process. You can directly download and run the app on your Windows system.
  • Attach the USB flash drive that needs to make bootable. This must be 8GB or higher.
  • Select “Partition Scheme and Target System Type” according to your HDD.
  • Chose “File System” and the “Cluster Size” if any.
  • Select “Create a bootable disk using” then select the bootable image type and the image file as well.
  • After all these settings click on “Start” button to begin the process.


Download Rufus 2.14

In the end of the creating USB drive process, the application will display as above image.


Rufus 2.14 is the best way to create bootable drives in an easy and the fastest way than any other bootable creator application. If you need to save your time while installing an OS choose the way of creating bootable USB flash drives using Rufus 2.14.

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